Weight Loss Over 40

It was not a wise man who says that weight loss over 40 is easy and they sound like famous last words to me. When you go past your 39th birthday celebrations your body is beginning to lose some of its youthful fitness and bounce. This makes losing weight difficult and then there's your metabolism; this will slow down as your body stops growing and make weight loss even more difficult.


To counteract this problem, you need to take steps to help make weight loss over 40 a probable reality. You can do this by boosting your metabolism and countering the natural disadvantage that comes with age.


One way to increase the amount of energy you burn is to perform some metabolism boosting exercises. One such exercise is interval training and this keeps you burning fat for a very long time, even after you finish exercising. Lifting weights can also help you to boost your metabolism although this will not have the same effect as it will on a younger person trying to lose weight. I would advise you to be careful and build up the intensity gradually since our bodies also become less injury resistant as we get older.


Weight loss over 40 should focus mainly around the dietary element since our metabolism will dip significantly after 40. Since we burn less energy, we must eat less energy to prevent weight gain. Not only can food reduce our energy intake but making the right dietary contemplations can help us boost our metabolism even further, contrary to age factors.


Your meals should be more spaced out across the day since food of all types can help raise your metabolism. If you space your meals out by more than three hours then your metabolism will actually begin to fall quite rapidly. Even if you just have a few healthy snacks throughout the day, you will keep your metabolism elevated for longer and thus help you to achieve weight loss over 40.


Certain foods are really good at this process of raising your metabolism. An apple a day should be more than just a cliché; it's a golden rule of weight loss too. They can draw out toxins and speed up your fat burning. Spicy foods are also really good here and they can add a little excitement to your otherwise quite uninspiring diet food. A nice cup of coffee or, even better, herbal tea can be a handy pick me up and is good for washing down your morning snack of an apple. Water is essential too and you should be drinking at least eight extra glasses a day to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated – having to go to the loo is not an excuse for dehydrating yourself.


Weight loss over 40 isn't impossible and those that actually lose weight over the course of their middle years will actually suffer less from back problems and other health issues. Weight loss over 40 is quite easy if you follow a sustainable plan and you can see the results. Just because you’ve hit a big milestone in your life, this is no excuse for becoming complacent over your health and fitness levels.



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