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Your Current Situation?

The first thing we will do on your breakthrough call is to get clear on where you are now and where you want your weight, shape, and health to be in the next 3 – 12 months.

Your Diet & Exercise Habits Right Now?

We get clear on the reality of your situation so that we can explore how you can make progress. Your body is unique, so, your goal, diet, and exercise plan should be too.

Your Roadmap

After I know your specific goals and understand your situation I can share a proven step-by-step roadmap overview to your dream body AND the one you can keep.
You will not be asked to buy anything on the call this is about seeing if there’s a potential fit for our work together. If there is we will set up a separate call. 




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Hi, my name is Erak Simsson.





I’m the founder and owner of Coach Me Slim & Trim® and a former Army Physical Training Instructor I help coachable and goal orientated women over 40 (just like you) simplify, structure, and progressively move towards the look and feel they want for their bodies without constantly self-sabotaging themselves. And if you’re anything like most of my clients, you’ve found your way to this page because you’re looking for a way to:

• Lose weight WITHOUT the endless amount of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that comes from thinking about food, dieting, and weight loss first thing in the morning to the last thing at night

• Get back into the clothes hidden in the back of your wardrobe and feel good in them again

• And start following a proven path to successfully create the look and feel you want for your body without wasting time, energy, or money on “the latest diet” that keeps you self-sabotaging and constantly beating yourself up.






I arrived back at my flat after going out to see a new client and came back holding a cheque for 10 personal training sessions with a big smile on my face thinking here we go my first client. Within 24 hours that cheque got ripped and I quickly realized why! Here's why, I didn’t give her any belief, confidence or trust in how I was going to help her achieve her goals especially as she’d been struggling for a long time.

I'd made the mistake many personal trainers still offer today (online or offline) a block of 10 personal training sessions and a bit of dietary advice with no clear roadmap of how she was going to achieve her goals.


Why I’m I telling you this less than convincing way to think about working with me…

Because it made me really start to put myself in my client’s shoes as best I could, and I went on a mission to create the most comprehensive method to not only lose weight and get into great shape but how to maintain it long term.

Especially when clients are hit by a crisis, a special event or just feeling off for a period of time. The Coach Me Slim & Trim® program is now on its 5th iteration and the work goes on to constantly find ways to improve it for my clients.




What is special about Coach Me Slim Trim online coaching system?

Weight loss is a struggle for many people, especially after they reach a certain age. They get so busy with work and responsibilities that finding time to exercise or follow a diet becomes next to impossible. Due to this, they gain weight and struggle to lose those extra pounds. At this juncture, they start looking for an online dieting coach in UK and begin the journey of weight loss afresh.

As an online weight loss coach in UK, I have worked with many clients, and as my program is for 40+ busy and professional women, I understand their stress and frustration.
If you have made multiple attempts to lose weight for 10, 15 or 20 years with various degrees of success and are now frustrated with the unsatisfactory outcomes, Coach Me Slim and Trim is for you. Now, you may enquire what is so special about my program. The answer lies in the points below:

  • My program is online, which makes it convenient, private and time-saving.
  • You can join and continue the program from the comfort of your home, office or even during holidays.
  • My program is designed to help women who wish to lose 20 pounds or more. It simplifies, and structures one’s weight loss regime, and assists in the progress towards their goal.
  • I will help you achieve your weight loss goals without the stress, anxiety and other overwhelming factors.
  • If you wish to get online weight loss coaching in the UK, you can apply and book an appointment with me without the pressure or need to buy anything.
  • The introductory conversation will involve talking about your situation, your weight loss goals and a little explanation of how Coach Me Slim and Trim can help. We will begin the program only if both parties agree.
  • My program will help you lose weight and maintain it long-term and not gain it all back.

In short, my program focuses on real women with real issues and helps them gain control over their looks and lives. I believe in real lasting results achieved holistically, and this is where Coach Me Slim and Trim stands apart from other weight loss programs.




Why do so many people fail to lose weight?

Weight loss is an uphill battle for most people. One of the commonest complaints while following a routine or program is that they are not losing as much as anticipated.

It is also a primary reason people lose their motivation halfway through and do not get to enjoy the benefits of weight loss.

Any online personal trainer and nutritionist will tell you that losing your extra poundage will take time, and a good trainer will make you aware of the realistic weight loss goals.

There is no one size fits all formula that works for everyone and helps lose the same amount of weight within the same timeframe.

If you think you are not losing enough weight, it is necessary to know that there are various reasons people do not lose weight. Your Weight loss coach online will be able to explain those points. They are:

  • They begin their weight loss program and go through it in a haphazard manner. Without proper monitoring and accountability so, they cannot be sure of the actual weight loss.
  • Weight loss is a delicate balance where multiple factors combine to create a routine that helps you. If you are unaware of these details or one or multiple aspects, the result won’t be optimal.
  • If your calorie intake is not properly monitored and you continue consuming more calories than what you are expending, losing weight will remain a pipe dream.
  • Food quality is as vital as food quantity. Reducing food quantity won’t help if you are not eating whole food. If you cannot regulate your appetite properly, it won’t help your weight loss journey.
  • Exercise is integral to a weight loss routine; if you regularly skip this, you won’t lose as much weight as you want or be able to maintain it long-term.
  • When following a diet, you get cheat days where you can eat food you love that is not conducive to weight loss. That does not allow binge eating during that time. Your food intake must follow the right routine.
  • If you are eating a lot of healthy food, it won’t help you lose weight. It is because, though you are eating healthy, the calorie intake cannot be ignored.
  • Not resting properly and allowing your body to run into exhaustion will also hinder your weight loss journey. If you are not sleeping the necessary amount, it will only increase your risk of gaining weight.
  • Not drinking enough water and continued intake of sugary drinks and carbohydrates will also add to the reason for not losing enough weight.

People often begin their weight loss journey on a whim and do not plan properly. Due to this, they end up making mistakes and not achieving their goals.

Whether you choose a Weight loss online program or a traditional one, making mistakes like others and not being serious about your attempts will keep you from losing weight.

This is what keeps many people from completing their weight loss journey. 




A bit of talk regarding nutrition, workout, online nutrition, fat freezing, and overall health transformation.

One of the significant issues with weight loss programs and their overall failure in people’s lives is inaccurate beliefs, an unhealthy focus on crash diets, inconsistency in following the steps and letting go once the ideal weight is achieved.

With the Coach Me Slim and Trim program, I focus on losing weight and retaining long-term results. I do not focus on counting calories; I focus on healthy nutrition and all-over transformation.

Nutrition and online nutrition guide:

Dieting should not mean foregoing eating real food and surviving only on protein shakes and salads. In your attempt to lose weight, if you stop focusing on nutrition, it won’t do you any favours.

A competent online dieting coach will tell you the importance of following a balanced diet properly tailored to your requirements.

When I started offering my assistance, it seemed easy, but with time I found the hurdles. One of the most prominent questions I used to and still face is regarding diet and nutrition.

The various Fitness and nutrition courses will give the knowledge, but how I apply that to help my clients depends on my and individual client’s needs.

Following a proper nutrition plan during your weight loss journey will improve the program’s success and your efforts. It will also help you to remain within a healthy weight range longer.

Fat freezing:

Over the years, various invasive and non-invasive procedures have become available to help people lose weight. People who wish to lose significant weight within a short period opt for such procedures. The fat freezing for weight loss program is one of the most popular choices.

Under this process, the fat cells of the targeted area are frozen, and they get broken in the process, reducing both the accumulated fat and weight in a person’s body. It is a non-invasive procedure and is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and no need for surgery, anaesthesia or use of any invasive piece of machinery.

Losing that much weight within a short span is easy; it will give you the required confidence boost, but there is more to it. After losing all that weight, you must create and maintain a healthy diet routine and lifestyle to retain the long-term results.

Health transformations:

Losing your weight is more than reducing the extra poundage from your body. It should mean a healthier lifestyle, fewer health issues, better confidence, and overall well-being of a person.

When your body goes through a mental and physiological transformation for betterment, it becomes easier to retain the changes.

When you lose weight in a healthy manner, you improve your physical and mental health and become a better version of yourself.

Hence, instead of focusing on a crash diet and other seemingly miraculous ways of weight loss, if you focus on a stable method charted by a personal trainer and nutritionist online, it will be wise.

By choosing this way, you won’t harm yourself physically or mentally. The weight loss goals will remain realistic and won’t bring frustration.

You won’t feel sick or deal with the stress of not eating or eating very little. You can keep yourself motivated to remain on course and achieve your goals.


Exercise and workout routines are pretty common as part of any weight loss program, but it is not the most enjoyable part of the process.

Some people are naturally inclined towards workouts, and others are not. For the first half of the population, getting into an exercise routine to lose weight is helpful and motivational.

For the other half, such routines often seem brutal enough to lose motivation.

At Coach Me Slim and Trim, you can access a reliable and capable personal trainer and nutritionist online in UK. The exercise routine you will follow as part of it is designed for health benefits and not merely to help you lose weight.

These simple, quick, and effective routines you can easily complete from the comfort of your home without the need to visit a gym.

My workout routine will help your health and won’t force you to join a gym and start doing something you do not like.

Even if you haven’t exercised much, this routine won’t be difficult to learn or do. Learning a simple, quick and effective routine will put it on autopilot, making it easy to follow and simple to maintain.

These workout routines will keep you well mentally and physically.




To date just a few of the challenges my clients have overcome successfully:




Running a business with over 80, staff, trying to sell the same business at the same time, whilst looking after 2 elderly parents 1 critically ill in hospital making 50-mile journeys to the hospital several times throughout the week. Client – Gaenor 56, outcome - lost 85lbs and 18 months later still within her healthy weight range.




Called from a private hospital car park considering a medical weight loss procedure and on anti-depressants Client – Marie 50, outcome - lost 57lbs and 2 years later still within her healthy weight range.




Managing multiple business locations and staff, no cooking facilities for several months. Client – Katie 47, outcome - lost 41lbs and 4 years later still within her healthy weight range.




I could go on…




My point is I know you’ve got a lot going on and no doubt some real self-doubt about achieving something that you may have never done before.

What I can say is this, if you are coachable, goal-orientated, and prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the work you can achieve the look and feel your dream about having for your body and health.

On a personal note, I’d never ever really had an issue with weight myself until I left the forces aged 42.

I started running my business and allowed things to slip and before I know it MIDDLE AGE SPREAD! So, I did what any Army Physical Training Instructor would do…

I exercise like a ‘mad man’ sometimes 2 sessions a day 7 days a week trying to get rid of the pounds that had accumulated around my middle.

I set myself a target to shift 20lbs… After 12 weeks of hard work following this brutal regime, I checked the scales and I’d lost the sum total of 1 POUND! What had gone wrong?

I fell into the trap so many of my clients had fallen into thinking that they could exercise their way out of a poor diet and I had created a really desirable goal for myself.

So, what did I do? I think the saying is ‘I ate my own dog food’ Yep, I followed my own Coach Me Slim & Trim® to the letter based on my desirable goal. You can see the results below after 12 weeks.

I don’t share this to brag but just to say whilst I haven’t been in your exact shoes, I know what it takes to shift those unwanted pounds that have you picking your jumper or shirt away from your stomach because they show off what you don’t want to be seen.




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Where I work with coachable and goal-orientated women over 40 on how to simplify their approach to weight loss and better health using Coach Me Slim & Trim® to create the look and feel they want without having to count calories or spend hours exercising every day.

When you learn and follow the approach inside Coach Me Slim & Trim®, you will finally have the look and feel you want for YOUR BODY…

Instead of self-sabotage, you’ll experience self-success




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Sue 53 Business Owner BBC Radio Interview
Size 20 to 22 in 9 months
Sue 53, Business Owner
BBC Radio Interview #2 Lost 71lbs
Amanda 41 Civil Servant
Lacking Self-Esteem Lost 24lbs
Christine 59 Gardener
Tried slimming clubs, Hypnotherapy & Counselling Lost 15lbs in 5 weeks
Heather 43, Clerical Officer
Nearly quit after week one then...Lost 29lbs in 12 weeks!
Lesley 41, Full-Time Partner Director
Mother of two Lost 34lbs
Fiona 44, Business Trainer
First Time in 20 years o drop 2 dress sizes! Lost 20lbs
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8 modules spread over 52 weeks designed to create the perfect roadmap to achieve the look and feel you really want!






Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your weight loss, body image, and health goals and practice personalized daily and weekly habits.

During the holistic foundation basics, we’ll work out everything from your natural motivators, personalized and practical eating plan, and a realistic and simple exercise routine you can sustain even when life gets super-busy!

                                    [Weeks 1 – 6]






Building on week’s 1 – 6 we start to fine-tune and enhance your foundations which will keep your weight loss consistent and with less effort which will help you create a greater sense of PERSONAL BELIEF

                                  [Weeks 7 – 12]






We all have challenges in our lives and unless we can accept them fully, we will continue to struggle.

Once you learn to accept your challenges you can build a strong emotional platform for long-term success.

Your challenges could be anything from [and not limited to] health issues, work issues, family issues, or a history of self-sabotage.

                                 [Weeks 13 – 18]






Using the strong emotional platform, you developed in module 3, you are now ready to break through some of your most limiting beliefs surrounding weight loss. The sky is the limit once you achieve this.

                                 [Weeks 19 – 24]






Most people never get to experience this you will. Does this mean you’ll never have to think about your habits, food, or exercise every again? No, let’s keep this real.

What it does mean however is that you will spend a fraction of the time you currently spend agonizing over food, exercise, and self-sabotaging yourself.

                                 [Weeks 25 –30]






This often brings a smile to my clients' faces when I tell them they will become a ‘ROLE MODEL’ This doesn’t mean you have to share your results publicly.

You will become a ‘ROLE MODEL’ to those near and dear to you. In this model, we will work on getting you to use this newfound fame so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

                                  [Weeks 31 –36]






We’ve all heard about people losing weight and putting it all back on again, often more than they started with!

The stability module is all about understanding that you will gain some weight back but learning how to maintain it within a healthy weight range we decide upon early in the program.

                                 [Weeks 37 –42]






You may be surprised that body confidence and control come so late on in the program?

Here’s why. I call it the ‘WEIGHT LOSS CALENDAR’ [WLC] it’s all those events that happen throughout the year when food can become central to the event, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Christmas, Easter, and those are just the obvious ones.

Once you have come to the [WLC] you will feel you’ve earned the right to have that ‘BODY CONFIDENCE AND CONTROL’ and you will have 

                                  [Weeks 43–52]




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Most weight loss programs on the internet are “Do It Yourself” programs.

The problem with this is that “doing it yourself” when trying to lose weight and create new healthy lifestyle habits can take years of trial and error + a lot of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

When you make those mistakes which you will and have no accountability or feedback to help keep you on track you can quickly find yourself back to square one and even heavier!

If that’s your style and you want to do it all alone, go for it…

But Coach Me Slim & Trim® is not a “do it yourself” program. I’m here to help you transform the way your body looks, feels, and moves in the safest and shortest time frame possible and be able to maintain it long-term!

That means I take your goals seriously as if they were my own and show you the EXACT path to take for you to get the best results as quickly and safely as possible.






You will have a weekly step-by-step pre-recorded coaching session which can be accessed via your mobile, laptop, or desktop. Each session provides insights, tips, and weekly homework about mindset, diet, and exercise. Homework is to be completed before the next week. You will have access to these sessions 24/7

These sessions are supported with a variety of comprehensive support materials which you use alongside the online coaching sessions.

I have created these sessions, in the same way, I would conduct them if you were sat next to me, the added benefit for you is you don’t have to travel to see me and you can replay and watch them again!

                                                                      PART ONE





Scheduled 1-1 Coaching/Mentoring Calls

Nothing replaces 1-1 feedback and accountability.

The truth is that your body, your goals, and your life is unique.

While there may be similarities between you and other women 40+ there will come a time when you need personalized help.

That’s why we have scheduled 1-1 coaching calls throughout the program to keep YOU on track as you move through the modules inside Coach Me Slim & Trim®

On each of these calls, we will review your weight loss progress, something which you will be submitting on a weekly basis. We also check off your progress through the modules and ensure you fully understand your homework and are your implementing it in a way that works best for you and is getting you results!

                                                                     PART TWO





Live Tuesday Group QNA Coaching and Mentoring Calls

The one thing you can count on when trying to lose weight is that something will go wrong, or a bit of self-doubt will creep in.

And when things go wrong, you have 3 options.

Option 1 = Give up.

Option 2 = Go into meltdown and self-sabotage

Option 3 = Have your coach/mentor help you solve your little problems before they become BIG problems.

These weekly Tuesday QNA calls are an additional opportunity for you to ask questions every week and get the feedback you need to keep on track without little problems holding you back.

They’re also a great place to connect with other like-minded women who also want to improve their health.

                                                                  PART THREE





Live Thursday Group Mastermind & QNA Coaching Calls.

As you move through your Coach Me Slim & Trim® program I will provide you with more in-depth insights into each of your weekly pre-recorded coaching sessions with a live topic.

This provides yet another opportunity to ask specific questions. So, you can begin to see even with our Coach Me Slim & Trim® group program there is a lot of life support to prevent you from getting stuck.

                                                                 PART FOUR





Weekly Mastermind Vault Insights

To deepen your understanding around mindset, diet, and exercise you will receive each week access to previous group mastermind discussion topics which have included:

• How to Calm the Menopause Storm

• Lifestyle DETOX

• How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

This is a great opportunity for you to hear other clients share their experiences, insights, and tips on a variety of topics been discussed.

                                                                      PART FIVE









Immediately upon joining the Coach Me Slim & Trim® program, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group.

Inside the group, you’ll get to interact with other like-minded women at different stages of their weight loss journey.

I post regularly within this group to help stimulate discussion around mindset, diet, and exercise.

There is no competition or egos in our group, only support with no discussion about how much weight has been lost.





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Please do NOT book a call to join the Coach Me Slim & Trim® Program if:

• You are someone who jumps from coaching program to coaching program without ever COMMITTING to a process or taking CONSISTENT action

•You are someone who BELIEVES that it’s all about the DIET with little to no regard for personal mental and emotional development

• You want success without putting in the work

• You are negative

• You aren’t willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve what you want

• You find being coached or mentored difficult to accept and act upon





Please ONLY book a call to join the Coach Me Slim & Trim® program if:

• You are willing to trust my proven process that has worked for dozens of women over 40 before

• You are willing to put in the work [apply the weekly homework from your pre-recorded coaching sessions]

• You don’t make bad excuses, even when you have a lot going on

• You will make your health and your Coach Me Slim & Trim® program a priority because you see the value of putting in the time NOW to reap the rewards ongoing into the future

• You find a way to “figure it out” even when you are stressed out

• You are willing to attend all your scheduled individual mentoring sessions plus attend as many additional lives sessions as possible

• You are willing to engage with other clients on group coaching and mentoring calls and be a positive energy

• You value investing in creating BETTER HEALTH for yourself

• You want to finally find a way to achieve your weight loss and health goals without having to count calories, spend hours exercising each day, or resorting to beating yourself up all the time to try and get into action

• You have a big vision for your future health [even if it’s not crystal clear yet] and are willing to take the necessary steps to get there.

• You are a coachable, goal-orientated action taker.




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What kind of results can I expect?

The results depend on you.

I’ve had clients get incredible results in incredibly short periods of time like Val who lost 31lbs in 12 weeks and 4 years later still maintained it.




And Sue lost 71lbs in less than a year and was featured on BBC radio twice the first time for losing weight and then 1 year later as part of a follow-up story where she’d not only maintained but lost a little bit more.





Or even Katie, 47 lost 41lbs and became a fitness model, and won a medal whilst inside the Coach Me Slim & Trim® program!





But these clients all got these awesome results because they were 100% serious about putting in the time and effort to make the necessary lifestyle changes to get those results.

The more invested you are in your health and your Coach Me Slim & Trim® program, the better the results you will get.




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