Need Practical Weight Loss Tips For Women Aged 40+?

Weight loss is a topic that millions of people are struggling with worldwide. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become tough due to the stress of fast, modern life and its various requirements. Moreover, losing weight becomes necessary after a certain age, yet the process of achieving it becomes more difficult. Proper diet and exercise are integral to any weight loss regime, but additional Practical weight Loss Tips are needed too. 

The common misconceptions regarding weight loss 

Many people, in their quest to lose weight, end up making bad decisions. They go on crash diets, start taking diet pills and cause grave harm to their body. One of the most common misconceptions regarding weight loss is that not eating or starving will help lose weight. Nothing can be further from the truth. By starving yourself, you will end up causing more harm to your body instead of helping your weight loss regime. Therefore, it will help to approach the matter in a holistic and beneficial manner. 

Issues faced by women over 40 

You should also consider that, after a certain age, the human body does gain some weight, and it becomes harder to shed that. Women over 40 often face this issue. Due to hormonal changes in their bodies and the onset of menopause, the female body finds it tougher to lose weight despite a strict diet and regular exercise. This frustrates women and often influences them to select unusual and not-so-beneficial methods of weight loss. 


Here are 7 tips for weight loss and their benefits 

The following tips are specifically designed to help women over 40. Since the beginning, my approach has been creating and pursuing healthy methods of weight loss. They are: 

Cut back carbs; don’t give up on them 

Most weight loss approaches will ask you to cut out carbohydrates. They will say if you wish to lose weight, you must stop eating carbs. This is not true. Practical weight loss is more of a healthy transformation without harming your body. For most people if they try to completely cut out carbohydrates, they will simply crave them more and eat more. Therefore, reduce your carbohydrate intake, but don’t feel as though you have to stop entirely. 

Increase your vegetable intake 

Planning your meals properly is one of the best approaches to a healthy diet to help with weight loss. Adding a considerable portion of vegetables to every meal will be a smart way to begin. Usually, people plan their meals around protein or carbohydrates, but that doesn’t help weight loss. You should plan your meals around vegetables, especially of the non-starchy variety. Before implementing this practice, you should gain a clear idea about your daily vegetable intake though. It will make the planning easier. 

Be mindful of alcohol 

Consumption of alcohol is a tricky part of weight management. In answer to the well-known question of how to lose weight, most tips and advice providers will ask you to cut back on alcohol completely. It is not entirely true. Drinking in moderation can actually work and help with your weight management goals. It will be better to ask your personal weight loss coach for the amount of alcohol you should      drink in a day, week or month. 

You should not go on a diet 

Sticking to the latest diet trend or following whatever diet has gone viral this week won’t help a woman over 40 much. It is time to get rid of the outdated notions of weight loss and consider a new approach. A personal weight loss coach will assist in setting these goals and the necessary diet. It will be customised according to your body type and needs because my weight loss regime aims to improve your health and not cause additional health issues. 

Consume dark chocolate 

The usual belief is that chocolate is not conducive to weight loss, but recent research proves otherwise. Treating yourself with dark chocolate will take care of your craving for sweet and salty food, reducing the risk of binge eating and sabotaging your weight loss goals. 

Watch yourself around fried food 

Fried food contributes to a considerable number of empty calories and is not conducive to weight loss. Therefore, you should stay away from such items. This is one of the Practical weight Loss Tips I try and implement religiously because, without fried food, it is easy to manage your daily calorie intake. 

Have a hearty breakfast 

A hearty breakfast filled with lean protein, vegetables, fibre and plant-based fat sets your dietary tone for the day. It also curbs your hunger and craving for so-called unhealthy foods, helps you maintain your meal plan and stick to your weight loss regime. 

These tips have proved pretty helpful in the weight loss journey of women over 40. So, following them will help you too, but consulting a weight loss coach will be in your best interest before beginning. Please set up an appointment with me to learn more about my Coach Me Slim and Trim program.

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