How 40+ aged women can improve their metabolism?

Metabolism, the chemical reaction within your body that converts food into energy, is a primary factor in weight loss. Struggling with weight is a common challenge happening in almost everyone’s life. After a certain age, losing weight becomes tougher.

Women over 40 often find their weight loss regime not working as effectively as they want. This is more due to their metabolism than the effort they are expending on the cause. So, if women over 40 can improve their metabolism, their diets will work better, helping with better weight loss and long-term weight management. 

What is metabolism? 

When you are eating food, it gets into your stomach, where it gets digested and converted into energy to be used for various bodily functions. In short, the process is simple enough, but the reality is a lot more complicated when explained scientifically. Instead of focusing on that area, we will focus on understanding how metabolism and body weight are closely related.

A high metabolism results in you burning calories faster, which can help you lose weight. A slower metabolism will mean the opposite. Harbouring snap judgement regarding what is good and what is not won’t be helpful. 

Factors that control metabolic rate: 

Several factors influence and control the metabolic rate in the human body, such as age, gender, hormonal function within the body, amount of physical activity, muscle-to-fat ratio and more.

After a woman reaches the age of 40, a considerable hormonal change happens within her body, which impacts the metabolic rate. Therefore, it is understandable that the diet and weight loss regime she followed before won’t work as effectively anymore. During this time, any action to boost metabolism will help. 




How to improve your metabolism 

The following points will help in boosting your metabolism, contributing to your weight loss, and ensuring better results: 

  • Resistance training, strength training, and a little weightlifting will allow your body to build muscle mass, which will slow down age-related muscle loss. It will boost your metabolism as well. 
  • Eating more fibre will normalise your bowel movement, reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar and promote better satiety. All these actions together will help boost your metabolism. 
  • Adding more probiotics to your diet will help with metabolism. Several pieces of research have proven that probiotics have a tangible effect on metabolic rate. 
  • Increasing your daily intake of fluids, especially water, will promote better health and metabolism. Hydration is necessary for flushing out toxins and helping the necessary nutrients to circulate within the body. 
  • Sleep deprivation has a huge adverse impact on metabolism. Therefore, ensuring you get enough sleep every day will be a great way of boosting it. 
  • Consuming more protein with every meal from a variety of sources is a good way to help boost your metabolic rate. 
  • Eating smaller portioned meals throughout the day will also help to boost your metabolism. Eating larger meals can often slow your metabolism down. 

Why do you need professional and customised help? 

These tips are generic, and though they are beneficial, following all of them without consulting an expert won’t be helpful. Before making any changes to your lifestyle, it is necessary to know what suits you the most.

Yes, women aged 40+ can improve their metabolism, but everyone is different, and the needs of their bodies are different too. Therefore, something that works for one person doesn’t mean it will work equally well for you.

This is why you need the guidance and assistance of a personal weight loss coach and a customised weight loss regime. This way, you can lose weight and manage it without harming your body. 

Please visit my website to learn more about my Coach Me Slim and Trim program and book an appointment to have a preliminary discussion to understand what you need. Losing weight may seem like an uphill battle after 40, but it doesn’t have to be, and I can help with that.

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