Loose Skin After Weight Loss

We all seem to assume that we can gain and lose weight without any kind of consequence. There is a common misconception that everything will be fine as soon as the weight has been lost. This is not true and in some cases you need to lose skin after weight loss. So how can this problem be avoided and how can it be rectified if it does occur.


The first point to remember is that you can lose weight very quickly, yet this is not advisable. Extreme diet methods are not easy to sustain for a long time and often lead to a phenomenon called yo-yo dieting. This is unhealthy and rapidly stretches your skin, then allows it to go loose. This will leave your skin with extra wrinkles and it will be less taught. I'm sure looking like a bulldog is no dieter's master plan. Aim to lose around one to two pounds per week maximum. This is over 100 pounds per year if you keep it up so don't think you have to drop your weight overnight.


You can let time heal the skin over your abs and other parts but the skin on your thighs and underarms will not recover as effectively. For these parts, surgery to help you lose skin after weight loss will be necessary. The one problem there is that those who contact a surgeon to lose skin after weight loss are considered to be seeking cosmetic treatment. This is because sagging skin is not a health risk and you will be expected to pay the full cost yourself.


You can try creams and other over the counter products to lose skin after weight loss if you feel it's not bad enough to warrant a surgical procedure. You can also continue to exercise regularly and eat more protein in your diet too. Strength training, especially core stability and upper body work will carry some benefits to your skin too.


Instead of worrying about how to lose skin after weight loss, you can prevent it whilst losing weight. Losing weight slowly whilst building muscle simultaneously is good for stretching out your skin and make sure your exercise plan is regular – at least three smaller workouts per week, rather than one biblical effort each Sunday morning. Fill up on water too since this has endless health benefits up it's colourless sleeves. If you are exercising, make sure you drink more water than you feel you need since most of us underestimate our hydration needs. 


You can lose skin after weight loss although it is best to skirt around this problem with a slower, more regular weight loss program. Your diet should not go up and down like a seesaw, but rather remain strong and steady. Drink plenty of water and keep your workouts regular as much as possible. Remember to eat healthily and never restrict your diet too far as you still need nutrition.



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