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Greater reflection is needed before you plunge yourself into the great sea of ignorance and fallacy known as dieting. There are so many myths and misconceptions and it's hard to know which idiot started them all. One of the biggest of these is the starvation diet myth which seems to override the need for healthy recipes.


Healthy recipes are much better than diet foods since they provide you with the nutrition your body needs, whilst not giving you too many calories. You should have a few healthy recipes up your sleeves which combine your favourite foods and healthy options to ensure your diet is varied, interesting and never bland. So many diets fail as the food is so utterly miserable. If your meals are tasty and healthy, your chances of seeing it to the end and making a long-term lifestyle change will be greatly enhanced.


You can find healthy recipes all over the internet and in many bookshops. I would advise making your own healthy recipes or adapting existing ones to include your favourite flavours. I understand how diet food is often as tasty as shoe polish so why not find the healthy recipes that set your taste buds on fire. It really is possible and some foods can be turned into great dishes which are both full of nutrition and low on calories.


Remember when shopping for food that the best foods are generally natural and not part of any altered package. Low fat products or readily prepared diet foods tend to be far less healthy than filling your trolley with natural products. The best place to find health foods is in the fruit and vegetables section. I would also advise buying meat, poultry and fish from the butchers and fish mongers and making sure you know your food hasn't been processed. Added salt, fat and preservatives are redundant to put it frankly, and accurately, since we all have a freezer at home nowadays.


You certainly don't need to be a world class chef to create great tasting dishes at home and stay on your diet. You can set your taste buds on fire with simple dishes and just a few flavours. Always remember when creating your healthy recipes that spices and herbs don't count towards your calorie count. This means you can add flavours in abundance without worrying about ruining your diet. Having some kind of ownership of what you are eating boosts motivation and you'll be surprised at how much better it is to eat fresh and wholesome food.


Eating whilst on a diet is often restricted to bland diet foods that really don't surpass polystyrene on the taste scale. This is no way to keep up a healthy eating plan and the best option will always be to put your own stamp on some healthy recipes that you have come up with yourself. This is the only way in which you can sustain a healthy plan and don't be fooled into thinking those diet foods are healthy either – this isn't the case.


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