Female Approach to Weight Loss

You don't need me to tell you that men and women are made differently and take different approaches to life. Whilst there may be some feminine men and masculine women, most physical attributes are solidly assigned to each gender. This means that weight loss will be different too and the female approach to weight loss will therefore differ from the male method.


The principles are roughly the same with the female approach to weight loss but many women have significantly less testosterone than men, affecting their exercise habits. Women are also more likely to engage in comfort eating, affecting their dieting habits too.


Women put weight on around their thighs, bottom and tummy, whereas the majority of men put weight on in one big lump – the beer belly. This is why many women have purchased a stair stepping machine or sweat pants in the vain belief that spot reduction is plausible. Spot reduction is the idea that you can lose fat from one part of your body at a time. Many women do this since they are very conscious of how their bottom and thighs appear.


One thing that is often woefully lacking in the female approach to weight loss is intensity. Women aren't as aggressive or pumped up as men and thus are happy to settle for gentle toning exercises. These are not top of the class for fat loss and even women should lift weights. Lifting weights will increase metabolism and improve body tone; yet women don't do it for one fallacious reason: they are scared of getting bulky. Women cannot put on muscles in the same way as men and women who lift weights are actually slimmer than those that don't.


The female approach to weight loss should be centred around the diet more than exercise. Your diet should be healthy and you must remember to take account for your size too. Women are shorter than men, less muscular and consequently weigh less. This, when correctly factored in, means their calorific needs are far less. Some say women should consume 2000 calories per day but jump on the scales and use a metabolism calculator to find your real needs. Women are at an advantage, in one way, since food labels base their percentages on a woman's daily allowance.


Women are far more conscious of their image, in general, than men. A photo diary can do wonders for your self esteem since you often won't notice a day to day change. If you compare a photo each month then you will see a much more marked difference. This boosts your motivation, makes your efforts appear worthwhile and allows you to assess what works the best.


The female approach to weight loss can sometimes lack a little Intensity. Intensity is the key to fat burning exercises and you need to ramp up the pressure to get the most out of your workouts. Your diet just needs to be healthy and contain slightly less than you burn. Other than that, female weight loss is a walk in the park so to speak.



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