How to Tone Your Bum

A noticeable feature on a person is their bum. This is the one part that is frequently eyed up by the opposite sex (or the same sex checking out the competition). Upon assessing the various curves and shapes amongst one's contemporaries, it is easy to see who's been doing their bum exercises and who hasn't given it a moment's thought. So how can you send your opposing gender onlookers into a frenzy of lust with a few silly exercises?

 Let's be honest about ourselves for one moment: If you have a lot of fat on your body then your bum is likely to look out of shape. Most women store fat on their bum and thighs mainly and men get away with a nice fat belly. If you are in this position then I would accompany my bum exercises with some fat loss techniques too. A nice peachy derrière is a work of art, so let's not keep it under a cloak of fat. Stripping away that fat is all-important since nobody wants a bouncing bum.

 One of the best bum exercises is running or brisk walking, especially where hills are concerned. Running or brisk walking will help you to strip the fat and pushing up those hills will, quite literally, get your “ass in gear”. Running or brisk walking can help to tone up your behind and should be combined with a fat loss diet to increase the speed with which you drop the fat from your bum.

 If you have a set of leg weights then another of the bum exercises is the leg lift. This is painfully simple that anyone can do it. All you have to do is lie on the floor and lift your leg up, whilst keeping it straight. You must do this quite slowly but you will definitely feel the burn. You can do this on your back, front, or sides for a good all-round bum-busting workout.

You can buy equipment that targets your bum muscles, as odd as this sounds. I wouldn't normally recommend niche equipment that only works one part of the body but I would say that these machines actually work very well. Stairstep machines and side steppers are good for bum exercises and give your legs a good workout in the meantime.

 There are plenty of other exercises that work well such as swimming, running or walking up the stairs, or even just a nice hilly walk. All of these activities can function as bum exercises or you could try some squats if you're feeling particularly hardcore.

 If your bum doesn’t look the way you want it to then you need to do some bum exercises. They are not difficult to do and often double up as cardiovascular and strength exercises anyway. I know it's not always on show but a tastefully rounded derrière has its place on anybody's body.


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