Arm Exercises

As much as we would all like a front row ticket to the best toned arms show, most of us would prefer to be the headline act and, for this, we need to perform some arm exercises first. Even the ladies should take note as women that lift weights often look slimmer and more sporty than those that don't. So then, roll up for a chance to star in the best toned arm show:


I certainly wasn't joking when I told the ladies to take note; women that lift weights can avoid flabby arms, injury and guess what stops your breasts from sagging – your pectoral muscles. Men are the more likely sex to life weights since it is considered masculine to have muscular and well defined arms. A word from the wise though, you will look very daft if you work your biceps alone since your arms are much more complex than it would seem.


There are many muscles in the arm and they all have different roles. The biceps and triceps work on lifting the arm at the elbow but there are many other muscles that twist and stabilize the arm. These all have to be exercised and don't even think about making your triceps excuses. There is no place for them here and your triceps better pull their weight too. The triceps actually fill more of your sleeves than your biceps – a little known fact.


Despite much argument on the subject, it matters little whether you lift a light weight many times, or a heavy weight a few times, you will still get stronger. However, dependent upon the aim of your arm exercises, you can choose to concentrate on tone, strength or both. Explosive action and high intensity will work your arms the hardest and stimulate the most tone.


Your arm exercises should be varied too. Once your arms develop and react to a certain exercise, they will begin to think they're getting an easy ride. You need to up the tempo, increase the weight or perform more reps to keep surprising your arms. With dumbbells, you can twist your wrist or try another position to shock your arms again. Dumbbells are the best piece of equipment for arm exercises since they allow the greatest range of movement. Also related to your equipment, keep safety in mind and ask someone to watch your repetitions if you are a beginner.


Arm exercises are important for both sexes and we should all take a few steps to improving our arms. There isn't a huge effort required and the best workouts last around 45 minutes only. If you work out for too long then you will risk both injury and increasing cortisol levels. All you have to remember about arm exercises is to keep them varied, safe and intense for maximum benefit in the least possible time. Arm exercises are really quite simple and easy to perform. They are for both genders and all ages so don't make your excuses.


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