Aerobic Exercise

The most commonly performed type of exercise is aerobic exercise. This is the one that most people choose to lose weight with and improves your cardiovascular health too. It burns more energy to perform and can raise your metabolism for longer if done in the right way. Aerobic exercise carries many benefits and we should try to incorporate more of them into our exercise routines.


The most common aerobic exercise is running which also plays a part in other sports. It is a constant effort to keep moving your body quickly and is very energy consuming. This is why many people use it to help them lose weight. Running can burn over 600 calories per hour and you must remember this if your goal is not to lose weight. You must also consume water steadily too to avoid dehydration as you can lose in excess of two litres whilst running on a hot day each hour.


Aerobic exercise is very good for your cardiovascular health and just a few workouts per week will make a tremendous difference. Your cardiovascular health is very important and great for avoiding muscle fatigue and tiredness after performing daily tasks such as walking to work.


Another plus point in the aerobic exercise armoury is that it improves the function of your heart and lungs, whilst also lowering blood sugar and fat levels. The point of this is improved heart and lung health which helps avoid nasty conditions that often arise in your later years.


Those that put on the least weight during their middle yeas are statistically less likely to suffer with health problems when they get older. Aerobic exercise will keep you feeling young and help you fight off diseases too. The ageing process will be much slower if you keep using your body and muscle wastage will also be less prevalent. Your mental state will gain too as aerobic exercise moves oxygen to all parts of your body. Your brain and skin both enjoy having some extra blood and oxygen to play with and some studies link running with a reduced risk of dementia. If you a beginner start walking possible try the ‘Couch to 5K’


As well as running, aerobic exercise has many other forms. Almost all team sports involve some aerobic exercise and are also very enjoyable. You don't have to pound the pavements alone if you would rather have a kick around with your mates – it all counts. Walking at a quick pace counts as well and can be fitted in on your way to work.


Aerobic exercise is necessary and brings so many health benefits. You needn't go over the top with it if you don't want to, but a few sessions a week will refresh your body and improve many different aspects of your health. Aerobic exercise is amazing in what it can achieve from heart health to mental acuity and overcoming sexual health problems. Although we don't all want to drench our shirt in sweat three times a week, a little exercise to get the heart beating faster is just what the doctor ordered and there is most definitely an activity for everyone!


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