How To Improve Your Sleep Part 1 of 3

Night Time Routine to Sleep Better & Deeply (Anandi Francis Interview Part 1) Having trouble sleeping?

As a general rule, if you wake up tired and spend the day longing for a chance to have a nap, it's likely that you're not getting enough sleep.

A variety of factors can cause poor sleep, including health conditions such as sleep apnoea. But in most cases, it's due to bad sleeping habits.

This video provides some simple and practical tips in 3 key areas which can assist with creating a better night’s sleep, those 3 key areas are

1. How-to tips to improve your bedtime routine leading up to going to bed

2. How-to tips to improve your bedroom environment

3. How-to tips to calm your thoughts as you rest your head on your pillow.

Weight Loss specialist Erak Simsson creator of the Coach Me Slim & Trim® interviews - Alison Francis (Aka: Anandi) International Sleep Specialist, author, speaker, and creator of Sleepology By Anandi® About Anandi who has suffered from and cured her own insomnia Alison Francis (Aka: Anandi) is an Ayurvedic Coach specialising in sleep and stress. She started her journey in the fitness industry in 1986 owning several businesses along the way.

Her first business was focused entirely on fitness. She then moved into the wellness and beauty industry which later transformed into Yoga and Ayurveda. Anandi has been teaching fitness, beauty, and wellness throughout her career.

She has appeared in the press all the major glossies including Cosmopolitan, Women’s fitness, Psychologies, and the London Evening Standard. Anandi is also the author of Breathe Better, Sleep Better. Her professional credentials are:- • Ayurveda Practitioner, approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine • Qualified NLP instructor and hypnotherapist • Chopra-certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor • Registered Senior Akhanda Yoga Teacher (Approved by The Yoga Alliance) • Akhanda Yoga Teacher Trainer • Mentee of the late Georg Feuerstein, and graduate of 800hrs of yoga philosophy • Aesthetician since 1988 For more details about Anandi you can visit: For FREE training on how Over 40’s can lose weight and maintain it long-term visit: #SleepWell #SleepBetter #SleepDeep #SleepDeeply #SleepHelp #SleepTips #NightRoutine



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