Most Women Over 40 Struggle to Lose 16 - 31lbs In 12 Months...

This Master Class Will Help You Lose 16 - 31lbs In 12 Weeks Without Counting Calories, or Spending Hours Exercising Each Day


How To Accelerate Your Weight Loss

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In This Master Class, You Will Discover 3 Ways To Accelerate Your Weight Loss:

No #1 The Weight Loss Playing Field 

Discover how to consistently lose weight without the usual frustration of weight loss. 

No #2 How To Overcome 3 Common Obstacles Women Over 40 Face

Understanding how to overcome these 3 common obstacles can quite literally help you to transform your body, health and confidence.  

No# 3 What You Can Do Going Forwards 

We all need a clear path to weight loss success you can choose any of the ones described. 


"Hi, I'm Erak Simsson, an online weight loss coach and creator of The Coach Me Slim & Trim®️ Online Programme and I'm delighted you've dropped by today

Since 2006 I've been helping women and men over 40 transform the way their bodies look, feel and move without having to diet, count calories, skip dessert or follow a restrictive eating plan. My qualifications and training include a BSc (Hons) in Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). 

The 3 women on this page plus many others have benefitted from the discoveries you're about to make when you sign up to watch my webinar. You won't be dissappointed

Accelerate Your Weight Loss Click Here To Start
Accelerate Your Weight Loss Click Here To Start

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